Hi comrades! We now use Telmate for our tablets, meaning it costs too much for me to run this via email (0.04/minute). I am one of many upset at these overpriced garbage tablets – we’re stuck with ’em, currently. I don’t get nearly enough to pay the 1.20 it usually took (30 minutes) to send 1 email (prior cost 0.25/message), nor would I want to funnel that much revenue to the prisons!

Food, coffee, envelopes, and odd (worthwhile) QOL are costly enough.

I am approaching filing my Habeas Corpus. Fingers crossed the judge appoints counsel (lol). Still of interest – a lawyer!

Will likely not update via letter, handwritten, often. I am a full time college student, writing 2 books, and may soon be teaching (yeah) a calculus class to prisoners. I make time at night to write these at the moment.

Expect updates on published works, my books, and possibly my calculus lesson plan herein. My professor, and a couple unrelated grad students, have put together a booklist(s) for my philosophy study! I hope to be busy, busy.

I will be attempting self-taught (college) physics and chemistry via textbooks a local college donated. Maybe other classes are to follow, I have put things as they stand in order of interest.

I appreciate recommendations on my current interest: the metaphysics of beauty/aesthetic. I am also accepting keyboard songs to learn: I have a Yamaha PSR-E273, please transpose into my register to save me time if you send sheets! I love the classics and such – also video game music.

Oh, maybe I’ll put out music at some point.

Love, Comrade Candle

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