Greetings, friends. My lawsuit re: trans healthcare has been accepted, as has my “Motion to appoint court counsel” or w/e. I’m awaiting an attorney, and my “Motion to waive Filing Fee” was, for the time, accepted.

The scope of my suit will be shared as I gain access to a lawyer to discuss what I can share. Please support this suit, even if you hate me, as it has potential impact for all trans prisoners (primarily trans women). Some of my trans sisters have no hope of parole, a favorable judgement may be the only way they get to transition. I hope petty differences and cancelcop behaviors can be shelved for the good of all trans prisoners — this matter is larger than “me”, I am but mere plaintiff, and you can keep hating me later.

The case, from my research, should be strong. I am liable/likely to experience retaliation from the prison. Stay tuned.

I have had a recurring issue with our mailroom. The mailroom is prone to “lose” both my incoming and outgoing mail. They are also searching my recent legal mail.

I do respond to every person who writes. If you don’t get a reply, you can assume the mailroom tossed my response. If your initial letter is met with no reply, wait a few weeks and send another: worst case you’ll get 2 letters back as I respond to letters separately in those circumstance. As to the prison searching my legal mail, and others’ legal mail, this will be another lawsuit… Sigh.

Talk soon comrades.

-Comrade Candle

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