Hi, as promised, here is a short synopsis of how you can advocate for me. I take it humans still talk with one another, in some form or another. So this could be a guide of sorts, written more in the sense of ”a way to do it” rather than ”here are specific steps”. Fais ce que veux; I take it my readers can work with what I provide, and there will be overlap.


My primary desires, currently, are:
1. Vaginoplasty, for myself, first-and-foremost
2. Any other feminizing surgeries I can be permitted
3. Whatever compensation I can receive from the month-long denial of my HRT
4. Mail from my comrades Blue and LP not be censored sans reason
5. Just for sake of completeness: freedom


So I’ve talked about these issues in a verbose manner in other posts, to be concise rather:


I. Vaginoplasty

– Why?
+ Sofia has wanted GCS since her earliest memories, her whole life.
* Sofia remembers arguing with her catholic preschool teacher that ”God made [her] wrong”.
* Sofia has severe genital dysphoria, with little-to-no-way to cope in prison.
+ Vaginoplasty has excellent results, aesthetically and for treatment of dysphoria, functionality.

– Can she get it in prison?
+ Yes.
* At least one trans woman has gotten the procedure in prison, none in Oregon to my knowledge.
* Policy permits it, as of writing Sofia is still pre-assessment (August, 2022).
+ How does that work?
* Like any other approved surgery, she is not yet privy to specifics.
* OHP covers the cost, as it is a medically necessary procedure.
* She’ll recover from the operation at her prison.

– How can I help Sofia?
+ Securing a lawyer, obviously.
+ Sofia needs a strong community, before her operation (to get it) and after (to recover).
* Talk freely about Sofia, her unique struggle.
* Share the website, her experiences.
* Write her: she responds to all mail and loves getting mail.
+ Get informed
* Catch up on the situation from other posts, conduct independent research, call the facility if possible. It is a complex situation!

II. Feminizing surgeries

– What?
+ Only bottom (Orchiectomy, Vaginoplasty) are allowed procedures by ODoC.
+ Sofia wants to change this, for all who choose to transition, for anyone who needs to treat gender dysphoria.
– So which procedures?
+ Mammoplasty-augmentation, primarily, as Cis-Women are allowed the procedure and all equivalent masculinizing surgeries are allowed.
+ Everything else the WPATH (7th ed) outlines, such as FFS, Voice Surgery, Tracheal shave, BBL…

– How?
+ Will likely require direct action (planned, with Sofia’s consent) or injunctive relief (a lawsuit).
* Brainstorm some form of DA, with Sofia, ideally that minimizes retaliation.
* Sofia is leaning towards an 8th and 14th amendment violation to challenge the policy in court, the blanket ban.


III. HRT Denial

– Sofia isn’t on HRT?
+ She is currently receiving HRT (August 2022)
* Most of February, she was taken off of HRT, denied a renewal of her Rx.
* Read her blogpost for a synopsis of this.

– What does she need?
+ Legal Counsel, once again.
* Can she get compensation, accountability, prevent a repeat?

IV. Mail Censure

– Her mail is being censored?
+ To her knowledge, only from two senders: Blue and ‘LP’.

+ Reason given: something is on the envelope.
+ Believed reason: letters are plain/unmarked, seems political censure.

-What can we so?
+ We likely need legal aid, to argue the 1st amendment.
+ If the comrades consent, their mail can be forward from nearby addresses, with a pseudonym.

V. Freedom
– Freedom?
+ Freedom.


Last and separate, I want to briefly touch on how I use money I am donated!
– Mail is expensive, most of my money goes to envelopes/postcards
– Sometimes phone bills, email costs.
– Coffee is my biggest consumable item purchased.
– Writing supplies, art supplies.
– Food, mostly Ramen and Cheetos.
– Hygiene supplies, make-up.
– I occasionally take photos, and reprint photographs to mail out
– I just bought glasses and some shoes that’ll last/not destroy my feet.


Love you all, comrades
-Comrade Candle

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