So god graced us, almost literally, with a big covid scare. A big church gathering had someone covid positive present, and now some 100 people are quarantined for covid. This means our out of cell time has been cut-in-half, to allow covid-quarantined folx to have out of cell time as well. The schedule is changing everyday, in these early stages, I’ll likely update with my new schedule later this month. It does kinda suck, we’ve gone from around 4-6 hours (whereupon I’d get 3-4 because I sleep in) to around 2-3 hours. I don’t have covid positive folx present on my housing unit, thank the death of God.

We’re down to 2 meals per day now, from 3, due to kitchen shortages as result of the covid outbreak. Kinda a weird circumstance, still evolving. I have dodged the kitchen draft twice so far, yesterday 2 officers tried to ask me to ‘work’ in the kitchen. They still have inmates handling cleaning around our unit and, obviously, preparing our meals. Slavery! I have not worked here, yet, due to my threats of unionizing. I am thankful I have not, as I have a lot of time to write and whatnot.

Lots of garbage choices and indifference led to this recent covid outbreak. I am already apart of the class action lawsuit in relation to conditions imposed by our last outbreak, several months ago. Let’s hear it for the repeat, so I get a second settlement? Probably not gonna happen, right? Haha.

I am still being slowrolled in my surgery proceedings, which really sucks. I am unsure if covid will effect the process at this stage, it might come my actual operation… But currently it is just being delayed due to our behavioural health services team. My counselor, my current ‘advocate’, has been absent for almost 2 months.

I am still trapped on the ‘Mental Health Unit’ or prison psych ward for the uninformed. It is likely gonna be like this for some time, as I am getting a vibe of retaliation for my book. Plenty have moved off the unit, improperly placed here as I am… But most have had to start physical fights or bully officers to do so, tactics not at my disposal. Many show an unwillingness to even interpret my situation correctly, as anyone here is understood to be ‘batshit insane’: current dilemma I have is I’m being led in a bureaucratic circle between the officers who can move me, but ‘require authorization from the medical team’, and our medical team who direct me to the officers in a case of feigned ignorance. Really classic example of the failures of authority, this is what I call ‘allowable harm’. I have excessively documented my issues, but prison medical malpractice suits require physical damages is my understanding. Add being here to the list of reasons I need an attorney to navigate the healthcare system.

Open the prisons and abolish the police.

-Comrade Candle

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