Hi everyone, completed another two college classes. Two more A’s. Starting another two classes soon.

Writing a few epic poems to release, I am pushing myself to release them sooner than later!

My “Wax” should be out soon — expect an update when it is released. It will be purchasable via Little Black Cart and available for free via the Anarchist Library.

Feeling a little more stable, my poetry is letting me hang onto my high a bit. Not at my best but I am managing a more stable state of suffering.

Still no attorney appointed. Feel free to bug the Oregon ACLU on my behalf, or whatever else will get me an attorney — to my understanding, I’m awaiting on an attorney to be found before the judge signs my “Motion for Court Appointed Counsel.” Currently, I have only a copy of said motion “signed” by the county clerk with a filler name inserted.

Dysphoria has been bad — to pursue college, I’m stuck on a housing unit compromised of old, conservative transphobes and rats. Very isolated here, always getting those fuck-tranny-looks or getting shit for saying fuck cops. Way more Christians/Catholics here too — were I not allowed out of my cell all day here, I’d leave this glorified hospice center ASAP.

Life goes on.

-Comrade Candle

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