So several people made me aware of Rose City Antifa’s (herein Antifa) usage of my police report as structural guideline for outing FBI Informant Wyatt Dylan Scully aka Alaska aka Putty (herein LBB girl). I am overall disappointed that my loved ones need make me aware of how my classified police records are used, that dialogue as to how my relationship with LBB girl affected me is stifled, that our criterion for proof of harm done requires police narrative, a narrative we know at best to be a partial truth. What is truth? Rather, let me address my issues with how I have been used, consumed as property. I aim to make this act of consumption more comprehensive.

Why am I not contacted? Well, I likely have a guess (or two) and will see it in the best of light as concern for my safety. Frankly, if anyone is trying to instigate something of this nature, something wherein harm then arises to me, usage of my policy report somewhat nails the coffin, no? Have some regard for how this current methodology impacts me and, if you so choose, freely associate with me: fais ce que veux. If we are to accept as fact the bare minimum of LBB girl being an informant, spelled out in my report, then we must accept I was heavily impacted by LBB girl. I am no stranger to being used, Stirner is fond of mutual utilization (and I, Stirner), so I would just ask folx to be mindful of the implications of going grossly public about an active informant; I would be cautious. I’m not saying don’t do it, as what would be anarchist in telling you what to do or how to use ‘my’ report, and rather am telling you just this: be cautious.
Now, why was I not believed before I share my police report? This is a discussion worth having; one without an easy solution; one I will not guide. Are the only informants unearthed to be those carelessly discarded by the feds? I’m in prison, so my involvement in your affairs is minimal, clearly.

Let me add to the chaos a bit with truth: the reports grossly understate LBB girl’s role in my arrest and as an informant for the FBI. Let’s begin.

I share this knowing Leslie is immune due to Mike Schmidt’s ruling regarding singular Riot charges arising during the uprising and double jeopardy. Further, I’m not really revealing anything she hasn’t chosen to already, or not already affirmed by our arrest together at the scene of the riot: when I split my hand open smashing windows and an ATM, she was my comrade I confided in for help administering first aid. Knowing what I know now, LBB girl’s involvement in ‘aiding’ us in our flight from police, our finding of a suitable place to de-bloc, seems suspect at best, worse yet when we were accompanied by SA Ben Jones the entire time (herein umbrella guy). Poking the largest hole in the police narrative is that I was made aware of the aggravated arson charge levied against me upon my arrest, before I was ever transported to jail for holding. Police admit I was the first approached after their rendezvous with umbrella guy, giving no time for LBB girl to suddenly decide to rat on me, falsely mind you, meaning the report is a false narrative that hides LBB girl’s involvement, depth, with the FBI. Were I not told ‘You’re under arrest for an arson investigation’ before LBB was, within their framework, allowed to testify in custody, then the police reports would be accurate. Sadly, the police reports are not accurate. LBB girl would have had to have tipped off feds, again falsely, of this suspect (me) before or during the riot. Given she was running around with us and umbrella guy, before we were honey potted, seems unlikely.
My deduction overall aligns with what, minimally, I have heard of LBB girl’s track record as to continuously snitching. LBB girl is either deep within the career informant pipeline or an actual federal agent. Likely the former, however I would consider how minimally different the two are as to harm caused to us, anarchists. Both are ‘bad’. During my free life, LBB girl was an organizer, one we bailed out and trusted: I am not the only honey potted or harmed, I just know what happened.

I am happy a discussion is to be had on the role informants, and the FBI, have in stifling insurrection. Let us never underestimate our defiance of the State, the icy wrath we will feel, born of nationalism and a hatred for freedom; anarchy. A more militant approach will be had, surely.

I am here for discussions on bloc tactics, though anything more than our failures will need to be done via an in-person visit rather than a recorded channel. Still, our failures can likely be learned from regardless of my individual critique, so please write away… I do enjoy visits :(.

Last, as the human being targeted by LBB girl’s tactics, I, this unique, want to share the way I was manipulated by her, in the wake of my divorce. For context of impact, I have been insisting in therapy here my divorce was more impactful than incarceration.

I touch loosely in ‘Squatting…’ as to my couch surfing era — I found myself living on LBB girl’s couch for several weeks. The experience was very othering, I don’t have any better way to put it. We hung out once, she took me on a date to LittleBigBurger. This, along with her sex solicitation, took place shortly after I was informed I’d need to find a new couch or be homeless far sooner than initially promised. The only ‘good’ to come from the way this informant manipulated me, really, is I can now joke about ‘really fucking the system’. I’m not sharing this for clout, or even just a cheap laugh, but trying to highlight the degree to which these career informants, or federal agents should I prove right, will go to gather intel or maintain cover —really just the harm these agents of injustice cause at every moment, seeking to destabilize what they see as ‘bad’.

This is why I ask to be humanized and supported through this. Please share my truth with the State’s false narrative, and if you do know I will still be here to share even more, to answer questions, to be—present.

-Comrade Candle

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