Hi ya’ll, my mental health is further deteriorating. I’m struggling to attain regular access to hormone therapy again, I’m dealing with the nausea from trying strattera, struggling to eat with the effects of my mental health.

I have an attorney for my case, Drake Aehegma.

A judgement is a year, if not two, away. I have a slim hope at a favorable judgement, taking into account the potential transphobic biases of a judge. Frankly, the courts are stacked against prisoners — even in instances where any sane person would agree wrong has occurred.

Feel free to aid me in case law study — or source those who may desire to aid my attorney, such as any trans allied law firms.

Prison is still much of the same, I plan to have my coming volumes of Life at Coffee detail social dynamics, barring what has been discussed in Make America Pay. I’d love to hear ideas of what to commence upon from there. Fish swimming in water dilemma, I consider myself lucky to see the water — and to see those who don’t.

I finished a short Sisyphus Epic for a writing class here — I’ll be having it published via one of my buddies.

For a personal note, likely to elicit scorn, I am now single and contemplating an in-prison relationship — much to my detriment.

I am 250 lines into an original Greek style tragedy; an anarchist creation mythos. I write anywhere from 5-30 lines in a day, mental health permitting. It’s all iambic hexameter.

I hope to bestow unto you all my gift, as I turn more Apollonian every day.

I have around 15 straight lines (and 50 some odd-ordered) of my Sisyphus memorized — I hope to recite my creations in entirety.

A supporter seems to have designed a t-shirt: stay tuned. It is an adorable design.

What else? my “The An-Archist” is nearly complete, I am nearly done with Proudhon’s W&P… 80 pages into Being and Time, 60 pages into History of Sexuality Vol. 2… 200 into All-Too Human… 3 chapters into Das Kapital… 80 into Republic… 40 into Intro to Math Philosophy…

My calculus review has me touching up on integration. I invite dialogue on math, to any level — above my skill level is very appreciated! My engagement with math here is of my own making — I TA the Math60 course, which is the highest level offered here lol.

Life is so much effort.

-Comrade Candle

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