As those who’ve read ‘Squatting as an…’ may be aware on June 8th I suffered a traumatic head injury due to an act of police brutality. While unarmed and complying, after being placed in handcuffs, Michael Mitchell pushed me forward from a sitting position and scraped my head against the street asphalt, asphyxiating me with his knee on my neck. I couldn’t breathe for at least 2 minutes. The same chokehold explicitly forbid by ORS, the one that killed George Floyd, removed a 2inch diameter section of my scalp, around where my spine connects to my brain.

I have been unable attain any care for the injury, and IT HURTS STILL! It takes no doctor to see a head injury requires medical care.

As I was captive at WCSO, it occasionally bled and was still scabbing over. Medical staff would laugh in my face at requests to treat, even to look at, my head injury.
Now, it has healed, by miracle seemingly, into scar tissue (think: open head wound in dirty jail cell?).

Medical staff here treats it much the same. It has shrunk, as in some hair has grown back, so I am told ‘its healing’ and nothing further happens. I am in pain and have been waiting almost a moth to have it checked out, will likely be told similar.

It feels very much like I am being preyed on, would not be the first time, so frankly I need help attaining treatment (again) and accountability for the staff trying to kill me or cause harm.

How am I alive? Shit, beats me.

Tiny edit: saw staff, talked them into a 2nd appointment to look at it by insisting it hurts, but they’re claiming they can’t do anything which is a lie! I see them again next month LOL, and I’ll likely be denied care… Legally, I am entitled to care. I dont know what I’m asking for here, just sharing as it it scaring me and I’m really anxious… I can’t choose a caring doctor, I’m stuck with the enemy’s.


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