Hi, a mix of good/bad news.

First, I was awarded PSU’s McNair Scholarship! I competed with a lot of applicants, I am told! I was one of the best applications they’ve received. I am so happy to be in this pre-doctorate program in here, I am hoping to help pave the way for my LWOP friends to complete grad school in here. My research essay will be on the intersection of wisdom and marginalized status – stay tuned, I don’t have a mentor yet!

Bad news is I was dependent on Defense Fund for sustainable access to food. I have had to assess where I go from here and I don’t see great options. I will need to likely reply to less mail as a consequence – I apologize to any desiring casual correspondence. Please still write!

Any means you have of helping me sustain my life in here are appreciated – I can’t work due to my union threats, plus why work 40-60 hours a week for maybe $80 a month? This is not me detaching from the capitalist mode of production – the sale of my life’s time for a pittance.

Essentially any small donations equivocate to DAYS of prison labor and have huge material potentiality for my needs fulfillment.

I also appreciate any donation efforts or ideas. I’m at a loss, understanding the efforts that have remained rampant to deter my access to (particularly local) prison solidarity, I feel silenced and helpless which is estranging as a powerful themme.

I may receive special permission here, next term, to take 4 classes vs. the typical 2 – so I can finish my BA in a reasonable time. I’m one of the best students in here – I’d like to remain in school and not be slaving away to further the aim of the PIC – I am needing he help of an anarchist movement (“Are there anarchists?”) to continue to satisfy my needs while I study and create… or individuals to see where my life is headed and see my well-being as in their self-interest.

I’m in prison, after all.

Keeping this short. I have a cellie now, I live with a dog + them. First cellie ever, in the 2½ years I’ve done. 5 years left in here.

Still doing poetry, music, philosophy.


Stay dangerous,


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