Been a minute. I’m officially in my 3rd year of my Bachelors, after dealing with credit/degree transfers. School is a lot of my time rn, followed by my creative projects. “The Demos” is 600 lines long atm, I have the majority of a rap album written (a few songs recorded already), and I’m 3 movements into a concerto. I’m doing a physics review, as my calculus review progressed to a point where I was really craving a compliment. Plodding along in Heideggers “Being and Time,” little over halfway done. Reading academic texts on Post-Truth; we just got JSTOR!

I applied to the McNair Scholars Program, hoping to get in. I will be researching, if chosen, how marginalized status impacts one’s lucidity? … essentially the question “What is Wisdom?”!

Dealing with some heart(br)ache, heavy, though my music puts it all well.

Podcast might be out soon, I hope, maybe. I’m mostly done recording (as of writing). I am accepting of any topics for future episodes: my interests are philosophy, poetry, anarchy… ya know?

No surgery news yet. Might be starting thyroid meds soon. Hope I thiccen up a bit. I think this would explain my issue gaining weight (difficulty in) prior, but also why HRT denial caused the 10 lbs of (further) weight loss (couldn’t eat enough to atone heightened T in endocrine system).

Been working on piano… I am still a baby! I am just getting the hang of reading 2 parts at once and playing with both hands.

All in all, juggling a lot, as usual.

Been fitting exercise in with this all. I have the goal of being able to dunk (on our non-regulation nets lol) and I only have to another like 6 or 8 inches. I’ve stabilized at 127 (2 lbs. up from 125 lbs.) from built muscle, I’m not putting on anything wild. Just developing routine and overcoming anxiety, plus the prison politics of being allowed to use exercise equipment… is a lot! My next focus is diet, difficult with increasing prices and a lack of donations.

I have based my affair on nothing.

– Sofia

ps. Thank you whoever sends me the Political Prisoner Calendar every year!

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