Hi, just kinda freehanding this. Been really feeling down this part month, though doing an OK-job maintaining the necessary facade; prison life. Having difficulty focusing, functioning, formulating, feeling… For the observant, just one long head-on-keyboard FFFFFFF… All the dysfunction accumulates into a total inability to do much of anything, which sucks.

I’d say I manage 1-3 hours of time, optimistic estimates, where I’m able to read/write — a lot of this is consumed with college atm — and this sum is typically for less. I greatly dislike it. I can never manage enough sleep, I have no real appetite — and more importantly, I make little progress on my written works.

Healthcare resulting in a lawsuit is both stressful and further depressing — if I’m not depressed to suicidality, the prison cares little for fatigue and despair.

There’s no means to recover, just gotta ride the wave.

I did an interview with the Kite Line podcast. I believe when this is up, said interview will be as well. I’m excited to 1) talk to more people 2) to be heard.

Prison deprives radicals of affinity, unless one can overcome the fetters. I’d bet I could live in hell with more regular, consistent contact with like-minded (rational) individuals.

Most of the social settings I’ve been exposed to of late make me feel empty — antagonistic, superficial, or icy-cold. Pick 1, 2, or all 3.

I guess none of it matters, regardless.

My 1st book “Wax” is nearly published — LBC has my manuscript & I believe I’ll be reviewing whatever soon? Final stretch. I spoke a little on it on KiteLine, though I largely believe I’m in the habit of creating art and not interpreting it. I hope it’s enjoyable.

-Comrade Candle

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