Anarchy Against the Law and the State: A Reminder for Do-Gooders, Anarchist Cops and Secularized Christians Everywhere by Anarqxista Goldman came out earlier this month.  The book is about anarchists and our (hopefully) hostile relationship to the law.  It draws on illlegalists and anarchists from Kropotkin to Novatore to discuss how past and present anarchists have viewed the law.  The second section touches on Sofia Johnson and her illegalist philosophy and actions and the absurd reactions from some anarchists to one of their own actually breaking the law.

From the book:

“At the very least one must say about Sofia Johnson, in the light of the writings I will share with you now, that the actions for which she has been imprisoned [her official “list of offenses”, which I have read, includes burglary, robbery, unlawful use of a weapon, riot and criminal mischief] are backed up and justified by the anarchist beliefs she shares in the things that she writes. So these are no random acts of senseless, orphaned criminality that she has committed. They find reasons in her beliefs and those beliefs find their roots in EXACTLY the anarchism I was at some pains to describe in chapter one. Put in plain and simple terms, if Sofia Johnson had lived in 1910 then she would today be a name in a list of celebrated [or at least remembered, however vaguely] historical anarchists. Yet, because she lives now and people might think they know her or can typify her actions, she is someone who can be criticised for pointing a gun at a store clerk or smashing an ATM or stealing to support her squatter’s lifestyle. Renzo Novatore, Marius Jacob and Jules Bonnot never had to face the wrath and displeasure of mobs of Twitter police — and for that we may give thanks.”

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